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Unlock your voice as a scientist with TooWrite, a tool made by researchers for researchers. Papers written in as little as 5 days while protecting scientist mental health and lowering diversity barriers in science. 



with TooWrite.

The modern solution to writing scientific papers.

TooWrite is a web-platform made by researchers for researchers, dragging scientific writing into the 21st century and doing exactly what is says on the tin: empowering scientists TooWrite, without the need for artificial intelligence or auto-generated papers.

Using TooWrite you will,


Write a paper in as little as 5 days


Protect your mental health


Send diversity barriers packing

What People Say

TooWrite is a fool-proof paper writing method that allowed me to feel confident that all bases were covered from the start [...] using a dyslexia-friendly, easy to use method is a game-changer

user of TooWrite prototype, Cancer Research

Image by National Cancer Institute

About Us


The Science Writing Revolution sells to both scientists and the institutes that employ and fund them. Our goal is to make TooWrite as available to scientists as beakers in laboratories and - dare we say - as boring as beakers too! Scientific writing is the behemoth that keeps us up at night, threatening our scientific community with the words "publish or perish". But it shouldn't be this way. We want to make writing our journal papers just another job on the to-do list: clean beakers        put away pipettes write up paper        Job's a good'un. 

Image by Christin Hume

Our mission statements

We want

more time and money preserved for research and innovation

We want

scientist mental health to be prioritised and protected

We want

diversity-based barriers to scientific publishing to be a thing of the past

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